Make a Change

We are a small team of builders driven by a mission to shape the future of memory stores by providing a well-designed, ultra-fast, and cost-effective solution for cloud workloads.

Developer Advocate

Dragonfly is a modern in-memory datastore, architected from the ground up to support millions of QPS and hundreds of GB of in-memory workloads. While fully compatible with Redis and Memcached APIs its async, multi threaded design allows it to be much more versatile than other Redis engines.

Core C++ engineer

Work with best-in-class engineers around the globe to develop the open technology behind the state-of-the-art in-memory store using C++ 17. Contribute to a public project, maintain and participate in the community around it.

DevOps engineer

Build the tools and processes so any developer will be able to install, test, integrate, deploy, monitor and scale dragonfly with ease. Manage Dragonfly’s cloud workloads from design to deployment and maintenance.