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Balanced vs Unbalanced

October 30, 2022

Balance is essential in life. When our focus is limited to improving a single aspect of our life, we weaken the whole system.

Dragonfly Cache Design

June 23, 2022

I talked in my previous post about Redis eviction policies. In this post, I would like to describe the design behind Dragonfly cache.

Redis Analysis - Part 2: Simplicity

January 30, 2022

Let’s talk about the simplicity of Redis. Redis was initially designed as a simple store, and it seems that its APIs achieved this goal.

Redis Analysis - Part 1: Threading model

December 09, 2021

Following my previous post, we are going start with the “hottest potato” - single-threaded vs multi-threaded argument.

A prelude to analysis of Redis memory-store

November 28, 2021

During the last 13 years, Redis has become a truly ubiquitous memory store that has won the hearts of numerous dev-ops and software engineers.

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